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3 Skills Secrets Successful Team Builders Look For In You

One of the questions I hear many times in Networking Marketing is how do you know if someone is going to be a good builder?

It is very common in the beginning to relentlessly pursue and sign up ANYONE with a pulse who casually said they want to do the business with you (trust me I was there). Now I am not saying ignore them - you should definitely be in regular contact with everyone interested in your opportunity and product, but how many times have you signed up someone new who said they wanted to build, and you place them in a key spot in your organisation, only for them to seriously let you down afterwards? How can you tell if are they even deserving of one of your important prime positions in your frontline?

Here's what to look for:-

There are 3 main traits - they should be COMMITTED, COACHABLE and CAPABLE.

1) Right away you should sense a level of ENTHUSIASM from them - the ones that tell the world about their new business even before they get their starter kit. Those that can't wait to book classes or parties and dive right into their business. They are always asking questions, and love to run new ideas by you. They come to trainings, classes, webinars, team calls, and want to do events with you etc.

2) They should be excited to use and learn about the products - after all how can they promote something they know nothing about it? And they should be COACHABLE so that they learn how to replicate the business model. They are the CEO of their company, not you - it's their business, not your's. It is not your responsibility to build a business for them - your responsibility is only to teach them how to build their own business. Even if you are brand new yourself, within weeks of enrolling people, you will discover that you only have the time to support & guide your new enrollees - you definitely do not have time to build their business legs as well as yours.

3) They should be CAPABLE at running a business - computer savvy, and smart enough to do their own research on things they are not sure about. They must be resourceful.

If your company permits you to move people around in the organisation in their first 10-14 days like we do in my company, use this time wisely to watch new enrollees and their level of commitment. Then move them accordingly in their organisation based on how those first two weeks go for them.

Hope this helps you gain some stronger team members and help your business to flourish.


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