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How To Immediately Boost Your Immunity

If you asked the question right now on your social media page "What is your favourite season", you will see that most people will say Fall (or Autumn for my UK friends). It's obvious why - it is an enticing and serene season.

Think of summer - sports, salads, fresh seasonal fruit, hiking, having to shave and show off your untanned body, that torturous family camping trip. Why would anyone pick that over vegging on the couch in a big sweater that you can hide under, your favourite cozy socks on, watching feel-good family movies, eating soups and crockpot meals, that lovely warm, crackling fireplace giving a beautiful ambience around you, perhaps a good book, and, at last, the weather has cooled down enough to drink those sweet hot beverages. Who doesn't love those creature comforts?

But we forget that soon, for some people, the fun and novelty of the season passes once that cooler weather kicks in. Vegging on the couch to watch cute movies turns into you slouching on the couch because you don't have the strength to do anything else. That hot chocolate has now turned into a ginger-lemon tincture to soothe your scratchy throat. The tissues (kleenex) you have lying around you are no longer there because that chick-flick pulled at your heartstrings, instead these are the kind of sniffles you didn't expect.

It is no longer fun.

But there are some clever and simple ways to ward off unwanted threats during Fall and Winter, so let's take a look at some.

1) Wash your Hands Often

Do we really need reminding of this one? Well yes! I still see people cupping their nose and mouth with their hands when they feel that tingly sensation in their noses building up. When you feel the urge and you don't have a tissue to hand, aim for the inside of your elbow.

However droplets can disperse far and wide, and they aren't exactly visible, so be mindful, particularly in public places that washing your hands is a practice that is very important in maintaining a healthy immune system.

2) Eat the Rainbow

Phytonutrients are behind those colours. So are antioxidants, important Vitamins (uptake your Vitamin D level during winter), plus let's not forget that around 75% of your immune system is in your gut. Yes you heard me, it's in your gut. So gut health is crucial. Eating healthy, avoiding sugar and processed foods, and taking Doterra's Lifelong Vitality Pack are all high on my priority list.

Also boosting your internal healthy intestinal flora with Doterra's PB Assist+ which is both a PREBIOTIC and PROBIOTIC in one convenient, time release capsule. This is so important, you should be taking this year round.

3) Use Essential Oils Daily

OnGuard, OnGuard, OnGuard. It's not called the Protective Blend for nothing. Diffuse this essential oil, take the OnGuard softgels, have the OnGuard throat drops to hand. It will help ward off unwanted pathogens, and it will give you added protection for those times when you will be in the celebrating with family.

Add lemon oil or OnGuard with water in a spray bottle to regularly clean your countertops, doorknobs, phones, laptops and other surfaces.

Breathe is also another great oil blend to diffuse, particularly for when you need support for your upper respiratory system and to clear breathing.

4) Sleep

Insufficient sleep is an immune suppressant. Make sure you can average out on seven to eight hours a night, or even more if you are starting to feel less than stellar. Try diffusing Serenity (Restful Blend) or taking the Serenity softgels for a great way to get a restful night's sleep.

But what happens if you do happen to suffer unwanted effects of the Fall and Winter seasons? Well here are some tips:-

5) Throat Remedies

At the first sign of an irritated throat, stop anything developing further. I like to rub a drop of Melaleuca down my throat. It works so well at soothing it - and it works fast!

For more persistent irritations, add 1 drop of Peppermint, Lemon and OnGuard to a glass of hot water, add a spoonful of raw honey (if you prefer it sweeter), let steep until comfortably warm. Gargle, Spit and Repeat. Or you can even sip this beverage.

6) Beat the Chills

If you have trouble warming up after being out on a cold day, a warm bath works wonders. You can also try a blend of Ginger essential oil, and Fractionated Coconut Oil on the back of your neck to help warm you up too.

7) Nose Soother

I find that the tissues with an added soother work amazingly well at preventing irritations, but if you did happen to end up with a red shiny nose, apply some of Doterra's CorrectX or dab a little bit of Lavender or Rose with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

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