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Getting No Response Is Actually Not A Bad Thing

Have you reached out to people about your business opportunity or product, and have had absolutely no reply back from them? It can be so disheartening - it's almost as if you'd prefer them to say "No thanks" rather than say nothing at all.

But not getting a response back from them is not necessarily a bad thing, and you should NEVER feel as though your efforts failed. It likely means they are curious, but not ready to see exactly what you have to offer. Keep asking them every couple of months. Believe me, if people are truly NOT interested in what you have to offer, they will eventually let you know.

I have a friend who started a cosmetics business this year. She was persistently trying to get me to join her business - I kept telling her "No! Cosmetics is not a business for me". She wasn't listening to me, and worst of all, me telling her "cosmetics is not for me" should have been a signal so LOUD AND CLEAR that I would never have been successful in her business because I had zero interest in the product. Where would my motivation come from to put any effort in something that I wouldn't enjoy?

If someone tells you they have no interest in your product, take them off your list! They now KNOW what business you are in, and won't forget you if they ever have a need for your product. My friend went about it completely wrong and kept saying, "OK, I thought I'd try anyway... I won't do it again" But guess what, she did do it again.... repeatedly.

So the last time she contacted me, I truly had enough and had to stop her badgering once and for all. I messaged her telling her I loved having her as a friend, but I was never going to be interested in her business. Even if I was looking for a new business venture (which I was not), a cosmetics business is the last thing I would be interested in. That seems to have done the trick, and we remain good friends.

So believe me that when people have finally had enough of you, they will let you know. 😉

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