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10 Essential Oils for Outdoor Activities

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Just about everyone looks forward to Summer. For most, it means times of fun outdoor activities with friends and family. BBQs, swimming, fishing, hiking, camping, boating, beach - these are excellent activities to help with reflection, relaxation and exercise. A little bit of sunshine and fresh air is a great way to rejuvenate after a stressful week.

Of course being outdoors is not without its hazards. Bumps, bruises, bites, cuts and scrapes are a common occurrences when amongst nature - and not just with the kids! So in this article I am outlining my top 10 Essential Oils for handling the perils of the great outdoors.

  • Promotes restful sleep.

  • Soothes skin after being out in the sun.

  • Apply a couple drops of Peppermint essential oil to the bottoms of the feet and a drop to your drinking water to cool your body during a hot day.

  • Can alleviate an upset stomach.

  • Great for oral health.

  • Promotes clear breathing.

  • Helps with head and neck tension.

  • After sun skin soother.

  • Protects against environmental and seasonal threats.

  • Soothes minor skin irritations.

  • Helps purify and freshen the air.

  • Powerful cleansing properties, especially for the mouth and throat.

  • Soothes the skin.

  • This oil is slightly thicker and provides a protective barrier for cuts, scrapes, or scratches.

  • Helps skin recover quickly.

  • After sun soother.

  • Soothes tight, tense muscles.

  • Use about 20 drops to start a fire with wet wood.

  • Protects against environmental and seasonal threats.

  • Powerful cleansing and purifying agent.

  • Natural insect repellent.

  • Protects against common threats in the environment.

  • Provides relief in case of an adverse reaction to nature.

  • Protects against seasonal and environmental elements.

  • Maintains clear breathing and healthy immune system function.

  • Acts as an effective, natural repellent

  • Helps ward off insects.

  • Soothes muscles after a long hike.

  • Supports circulation to the muscles and joints.

  • Use before and after activities.

See below Natural HomeMade Recipes for outdoor activities

After Sun Soothing Lotion

1/2 tablespoon grated beeswax

1 tablespoon shea butter

2 tablespoons coconut oil

4 tablespoons aloe vera gel

10 drops Lavender

10 drops Peppermint

5 drops Roman Chamomile


  1. Add everything except aloe vera gel and essential oils in a glass jar and place in saucepan with 1-1.5 inches of boiling water.

  2. Stir ingredients until melted (around 5-10 minutes) and remove from heat. Add aloe vera gel and essential oils. Stir until combined.

TIP: Use a popsicle stick to help stir for an easier cleanup.

  1. Pour into container and allow to rest for 2-3 hours.

  2. To use, apply to skin as needed.

After Sun Soothing Spray

16-ounce glass spray bottle

1 cup aloe vera juice

1/4 cup Fractionated Coconut Oil

1 teaspoon vitamin E

8 drops Lavender essential oil

8 drops Melaleuca essential oil

8 drops Peppermint essential oil

Note: You can find Aloe Vera Juice at your local health food store.


Combine all ingredients into a glass spray bottle. Shake to combine. You’re done!

HomeMade Lip Balm

1 ounce beeswax (around 3 tablespoons)

1 ounce coconut oil (around 2 tablespoons)

1/2 ounce shea butter (around 1 tablespoon)

1/2 ounce cocoa butter (around 1 tablespoon)

20 drops Peppermint essential oil

10 drops Lavender essential oil

Large skillet/saucepan with water

Glass jar Scale Lip balm containers

Optional: To add a tint of color to your lip balm, add a pinch of colored mineral makeup.

Note: If you want a harder lip balm, add an additional 1/2 ounce of beeswax. For an even softer lip balm, add an additional 1/2 ounce of coconut oil.


1- Line up empty containers on counter. If you are using a lip balm stick, make sure it is twisted down to the bottom of the tube.

Note: This recipe makes 3 oz. of lip balm. Make sure you have enough containers to hold all of it. This recipe will make 20 lip balm tubes, 12 small containers, or 3 large ones. You can always reduce the batch size by cutting the recipe in half.

2- Measure all butters and oils in the glass jar until you have the right amount.

3- Fill a large skillet/saucepan with 1-1.5 inches of water. Bring to a boil. Once boiling, add the glass jar to the center of the saucepan to melt and combine ingredients.

4- Stir every few minutes until the ingredients are melted and combined. (10-15 minutes)

Tip: Use a Popsicle stick to stir for easy cleanup.

5- Once all wax is melted, remove from heat and let sit for 3 minutes. After the 3 minutes, add essential oils.

6- Pour mixture into lip balm containers. It’s okay if you spill, wax easily comes off plastic and counter-tops. Let the mixture cool and you’re done!

Note: If you would like to make tinted lip balm, save some of the mixture and move to step 7.

7- Add a pinch of colored mineral makeup until you get your desired color. Stir until combined.

Note: If the wax is too cool and begins to harden, put the glass jar back into the hot water and remelt the mixture.

8- Pour the tinted lip balm into containers. Let cool and you’re done!

Soothing Skin Salve

1/2 cup grapeseed oil

1/2 cup almond oil

2 tablespoons beeswax

1/2 tablespoon vitamin E oil

5 drops each of Lavender, Melaleuca, Peppermint


  1. Melt beeswax in double boiler.

  2. Once melted, add grapeseed, almond, and vitamin E oil until melted.

  3. Once combined, set aside for 2-3 minutes.

  4. Add essential oils and stir.

  5. Pour in container and allow to set for 2 hours.

  6. You’re done! To use, apply to skin to calm and soothe minor irritations


For more information on essential oils or to buy essential oils, please contact your existing wellness advocate, or if you do not have one, you are welcome to email me at


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