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Your Guide to Buying Oils

Essential Oil Quality

Choosing a brand of essential oils can be confusing.  There are many different brands available at many different prices.   Why is that?   


It's because the essential oil industry is unregulated.  No official body is there to set the standards.   75% of oils available on the marketplace today are adulterated in some way.  That means that they may be synthetically produced oils suitable only for making your home smell nice.  They may contain harmful particles such as herbicides and pesticides, or even contain a small amount of pure oil, and then fill the rest of the bottle with cheaper a carrier oil.

The Essential Oils I sell are 100% pure therapeutic grade.

How do I buy?

You can buy right from my online store.

There is an easy to use online cart, secure payment method, and an amazing customer service department.   But before you buy, contact me so that I can help with your purchase and advise you of the best oils for you and your family.  

Visit my store now - just click here!

Can I make savings?

Yes!  Absolutely you can make great savings on all your oil purchases.

No matter what your budget is, I can help you make a decision on how to purchase your oils.  Whether you just want to buy one or two oils to try, or you are planning to buy several oils and switch to natural healthcare, I will work with you to help you save a ton of money.

We have a fantastic wholesale membership program, which is how most people buy, as it gives you the best value for your dollar.   Joining as a member means you get the same prices as I do - and you do not even have to be in the business.

Plus you have the opportunity to join our monthly rewards program where you can get FREE OILS!  Everyone on that program just loves it.

I will help you get the best pricing for your oils.  Contact me today.

Can I become a distributor?

By purchasing a wholesale membership, there is no requirement to have an essential oils business, however if you want to start earning income, you absolutely do so, and can even start immediately!

Having an essential oils home business, or incorporating essential oils into your existing store or health practice is a fantastic way to enhance your career path.  You do not need prior experience as we will have training for you to learn all about the products and the business.    You will be joining the fastest growing team in our company, and have support and guidance from all the top leaders.

The entry to get started is the cost of products for your own household, and your own level of commitment.

Contact me today about our opportunity and let me help you get started.
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