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Why People are Not Buying Your Product, (Even When They Say They Will)

People who tell you they want to join your company or opportunity as a customer or builder may have every intention of doing so, however... they may not necessarily mean right there and then - that same day, week or even month.

But because we are doing this as a business, and because we know everyone needs to be using our amazing products right now, there is the danger that we relentlessly pursue them. No doubt, it's frustrating on our part when they drag their feet, right? Why don't they just sign up already? They need these products now - can't they see that?

But what is really going on? It's not them, it's us - they just got caught up in OUR agendas.

We get so desperate to meet our quotas, bonuses, rank advancements, financial and personal goals that we feel a desperate NEED to get these people in our downline immediately - and we typically only have a handful of people at any one time who are interested in our products or opportunity - so those few poor souls get bombarded with our "attention" as we concentrate ALL our efforts just on them. This is especially true in the beginning where you are trying to build up a customer base.

Fear can also set in - What if they lose interest, or even worse, another ambitious & more experienced rep comes along and signs them up instead?

What to do?

Be patient - respect the fact that their agenda for starting is not the same as yours - it's just not the same priority for them as it is for you (but when they eventually join and say to you "I wish I started sooner", smile politely).

Just keep inviting them to your classes, parties, workshops - if after 5 or 6 attempts at getting them to class and they still haven't attended, give them an out. Perhaps they were just being polite in saying they wanted to come and didn't feel comfortable saying "No thanks" to you.

So ask them outright "Are you really interested in this, or should I stop inviting you, let me know and I promise I won't be offended". If they say they are still interested, then the problem likely is that they can't find free time to come to the class - so offer them a one on one instead that suits their schedule.

What if they don't sign up on the night?

It is true, it is always best to sign them up on the night of the class (or within a couple of days) when they are excited and motivated to do so. But what if they don't...? Instead of constantly approaching them with "Are you ready now... what about next week... does the first of next month work for you to join" , how about you really sit down with them and ask them what is going on, and offer to find a way to help them get started.

Act from the heart, not your wallet, and forget about selling that kit right now - that is not going to serve your customer if they have already seen it and really can't afford it. Be respectful of their finances; admitting to you that they can't afford it may be uncomfortable for them.

Now they may truly want the kit of their dreams, so put a plan together to save $5 or $10 a week until they can afford it. Or find a way for them to get started small. If finances are a problem, let them know about your income opportunity.

Their finances may never improve, they may only ever buy that one item from you, but at least you are walking away knowing that you served them right & listened to them.


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