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5 Truths About an Essential Oils Business

Having an essential oils business can be extremely rewarding. The natural and holistic health industry is booming and is expected to increase over the next few decades, as people are becoming more aware of the harmful impact that a toxic environment has on their bodies.

The benefits of having an essential oils business are plentiful, and it’s suitable for all kinds of people from different ages and backgrounds. For instance are YOU one of these,

  • Mothers - You can make a great income from home, so you don’t have to feel guilty for not being around when your kids need you the most

  • Baby Boomers - Have extra money for your retirement, or have extra money to spend on the grandkids

  • College kids - Make extra money to pay off your student loans faster

  • Realtors - Have an additional income for when the market is slow

  • Workers/Career - Take away the worry about lay-offs, or retire early

To help you learn if this business is right for you, I have put together this quick guide to help you know what it takes to make a SUCCESSFUL business.

1) It takes money

No kidding!! What business venture have you heard of that doesn’t, right? The truth is you NEED MONEY to MAKE MONEY in any business. There will be ongoing expenses - business cards, marketing & promotional materials, gas, computer & phone expenses, etc etc.., however the good news is these may be expenses you you can right off on your taxes*. Bottom line is, if you don’t have the means to invest in a business, WAIT UNTIL YOU DO; otherwise you will get frustrated with the pace of your growth, and likely give up before you have even given your business a chance to develop.

(*consult a tax professional for more information)

2) An enrollment kit is not an option, it is a necessity

You should purchase a kit that has everything you need to get your business started. From promotional materials, to oils supplies, to drams that you can then share the oils with people; these kits are designed for those serious about building a business right away. The price of kits designed for an Essential Oil business range approximately between $550 to $2,500 dollars. Sounds expensive? Not to me; not when you consider how much getting a bricks & mortar business up and running can cost you* - here you have the ready to go package PLUS you get a ton of savings with that. Contact me for full details of the enrollment kits.

(*average cost to start up a business is $30,000, source: Kauffmann Foundation, 2009)

3) There is a learning curve with Essential Oils

Yep. We are dealing with super concentrated plant compounds here. There are safety protocols, dosages, plant names, what oils you should avoid for certain prescriptions etc. However, you do not need to be a scientist, botanist or doctor to learn all of these things. A genuine interest is all that is needed to get you started, and then you can take it as far as you want (even going in depth on the chemistry of oils if that interests you). For instance did you know that 1 drop of peppermint oil is the equivalent of 28 cups of tea, and essential oils are up to 70% stronger than dried herbs - interesting, huh?

4) Finding a great leader is crucial

Picture this. Someone receives an invite from one of their friends to go to an essential oils party. They purchase essential oils that night and when their oils arrive, they don’t know what to do with them, and neither does that friend. Now that is just on a customer level, but you can see where good leadership and education is already key.

If you want to grow a business it is even more important to find someone you can learn from, both about the products AND about the business side of things. Finding local classes is a great way to learn. So is youtube and webinars. The company I represent provides internal training that includes quality videos, slides, science training, business blogs etc. A great leader should be able to guide you to these and keep you constantly updated with changes and new protocols. My team benefit from webinars, weekly team calls, monthly newsletters, facebook support groups, one on one mentoring from myself and others in our upline.

5) You don’t need to be a salesman

Essential oils is all about sharing!!! Share, share, share your samples with everyone and anyone; and just tell people how they have helped you. Yes you may need to learn skills - developing friendships, seeking people just like you, holding events and classes (which is amazingly fun, and even the shyest person can do it - and I should know because I was one).

So to recap, you will need:-

  1. Money - I would say you will need to spend at least $150+ every month at the very least so that you can qualify for your commission and bonuses (this estimation includes cost for shipping & tax).

  2. An enrollment kit - You will find it easier to promote something that you have started using yourself and it’s the quickest and easiest way to learn about the oils if you start using them on yourself and your family. Personal testimonies will help you tremendously.

  3. An interest in essential oils, holistic health, alternative health, natural health - whatever you want to call it; it is a mindset that you should already be passionate about, or have the drive to want to learn more.

  4. Choose a leader and mentor who can guide you to the top.

  5. Even shy people turn into oil enthusiasts and do extremely well at hosting parties & events

For More information...

An essential oils business is extremely fun and rewarding. I would be happy to share details of potential income disclosure with you. If it sounds like the kind of business venture you would enjoy, please contact your existing representative, or if you do not have one, come and learn more from me. Feel free to email me at

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