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I was in my 30s. I woke up one morning and couldn't move.

Many years ago, I woke up one morning and couldn't move. I was 30 - fit and healthy. This shouldn't be the case for a single girl loving her single life. So what happened?

It was early December, and the evening before I had been dressing my Christmas tree. I had a real tree, so I had one of those Christmas tree holders that you could add water to so that my beautiful tree had plenty of fluid. I weighed down the tub by filling it with stones to stop it from tipping over...


That tub was HEAVY!!! I lifted it correctly as far as I am aware (albeit by myself) - I bent my knees, kept my back straight. Everything was fine. My tree looked stunning.

But it wasn't fine, because the next morning I couldn't move! I tried to get out of bed, but my lower back and hips were in agony every time I attempted to move my legs. I had unknowingly hurt myself by lifting that heavy tub the evening before - and badly. My dog, Pluto, who was a large breed knew something was wrong - he kept coming in and out of the bedroom, right up to me and licking my face like I was a wounded animal. It was funny of him, but I had to shoo him away because he was making me laugh, and it hurt so badly to laugh. I had tears and laughter all at the same time. Have you ever laughed and cried at the same time because of a frustrating, painful or silly situation? It's even worse when you need to use the bathroom and can't get there!

Now this was pre-mobile phone days but luckily I had a home phone by my bedside - so I called my mum for help. Both she and my sister, Yolanda came to the rescue within 30 minutes. My two amazing angels - it was such a relief when they arrived, particularly for my stressed out dog who needed the most calming, lol.

It took both of them to carefully roll me over so I could get my legs onto the floor. They did it, but it took at least half an hour for them to gently roll me onto my side, stuffing me with pillows for support as they went along.

Now for those of you who know me know that I avoid doctors, so I do not even believe a doctor was called to do a home visit, but they did call just for advice. My 2 angels helped me for the next few days, and my mum stayed with me day & night. We iced my back and pelvis like crazy, I slept sitting up for a few days, I needed help getting to the bathroom which was a slooooooowww and painful walk. Eventually, after a week the inflammation went down and I felt normal again.


The following December, and you won't believe this.....


Yep. December, real Christmas Tree, same tree holder with stones, me lifting it by myself..... next morning the result was that I was not able to move again. So a replay happened with the phone call, the same two angels coming right away to my rescue, and my mum having to move in with me for a week to play nursemaid to an embarrassed 30-something-year-old.

Again a week later I was back to normal, and after Christmas was over, I got rid of those stones from that tree holder.

But the reality was that I had now injured my lower back and hip twice. Years later I started to get deep pains in my right hip. Massage therapy was a godsend treatment - and I believe that it is beneficial for so many reasons, so if you do not go for regular massages, I would highly encourage you do to so if it is affordable to you.

I love yoga - even though I am probably the least flexible person on the planet and haven't been able to touch my toes since about the age of 3. Yoga practice also helped keep my hip supple. During yoga, I was noticing that I when I crossed my legs for poses, my left knee was practically touching the floor, but my right knee was closer to my elbow than the floor. So I knew I likely had scar tissue building up in the right hip area and that mobility in that joint had been drastically affected.

Over the years, the deep pain persisted, so I tried acupuncture (I remember the time the doctor left 1 acupuncture needle in my buttock after the treatment, and I couldn't twist around far enough to pull it out), deep tissue massage, chiropractor visits. Some treatments helped more than others. But I found a tool that worked for me which was simple, cheap and very effective. It was simply a tennis ball. At night I would lie on it, and move it to the area of discomfort. It was like a deep tissue massage, and was very effective at easing out the knots and stiffness. It was not, however, a long term solution.

Today, I have discomfort very rarely and I put it down to a particular No.1 selling product from Doterra. The Lifelong Vitality Pack. I have been taking this pack of triple supplements for 2 years now and I realised recently that I have stopped needing the tennis balls months ago!!


I am so grateful for the Lifelong Vitality Pack (LLV) that I wish everyone who suffers from occasional joint and muscle pain to give it a try - you can do so risk free as they have a money back guarantee for this product if you decide it wasn't for you (however you must take the dosage for the full 30 days, then wait at least 3 weeks to see if you notice a difference once you are off the product).


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