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Festive Essential Oil Bottle Lights

There are several great projects on the internet on how to use your empty Essential oil bottles. My favourite way to use the empties is to make gorgeous festive lights. They are both decorative and inexpensive, and best of all the amber bottles produce a beautiful yellow glow.

Here are my step by step instructions on how to make your own string of Festive Essential Oil Bottle Lights.

1) Firstly you will want to make use of any residual oil left in the bottles. So as a bonus, here is a quick way to make your own bath salts. Remove the caps and orifices from the bottles, and place the bottles upside down in 3 cups of Epsom Salts. Let the bottles sit upside down in the salts for about 30 minutes so that the residual oil is absorbed.

2) Next you will want to soak the bottles and orifices in a gentle soap solution for about 30 minutes.

3) Rinse and place the bottles & orifices on a towel and allow to dry.

4) Carefully, with a sharp knife place one cut from centre to outer edge of orifice.

5) The orifice will resemble a pac-man.

6) Push the orifice onto the wires of the lights.

7) Push the bottle onto the orifice.

8) Continue finishing your lights in this manner. Hang when completed.


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