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8 Intriguing Uses for Frankincense Essential Oil

Every essential oil enthusiast will tell you how much they love Frankincense essential oil. Frankincense oil has a very complex structure, which is why it has a multitude of uses and is known as the "King of Oils". If ever you have a situation where you do not have time to research in a book or go online, go and grab your bottle of Frankincense because it will pretty much help you out in any circumstance.

Frankincense is well known for its benefits of soothing the skin, and it's earthy yet exotic aroma is perfect for a yoga workout, but were you aware of these other intriguing uses?

1) Soothe Winter Skin - Add one or two drops to your favourite hand lotion to soothe away the dryness due to cold crisp winds. You will welcome the added moisturising benefits of Frankincense oil.

2) Toughen Nails - Apply a drop of Frankincense to strengthen and nourish nails.

3) Skin Imperfections - Whether to be blemishes, breakouts or scars, Frankincense works great at helping to soothe and clear problem skin.

4) Lessen Anxious Feelings - Add a drop or two to your bath salts, or add 4-5 drops to your diffuser to create a safe haven to soothe away feelings of anxiousness and nervousness.

5) Oral Cleanser - Add a drop to distilled water and use as a rinse for an extra boost to your oral hygiene practice.

6) Cellular Health - Add one or two drops to an empty vegetable capsule to help promote cellular health and boost your immune system.

7) Digestive Health - Add one or two drops to an empty vegetable capsule to help with digestive ailments, and to maintain a healthy gastro-intestinal tract.

8) Beard Care - For the man in your life, create a homemade beard oil recipe using 4-8 drops of Fractionated Coconut oil, 1-2 drops Frankincense and 1-2 drops Wild Orange (or other Doterra oil of your choice). Rub into beard and comb through, no need to rinse.

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