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What is Stopping You from Improving Your Wellness?

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

It has been around 3-and-a -half years that I switched to living a more natural lifestyle . I had been using natural remedies for ailments ever since I was a teenager, so finding a company that was committed to producing the highest quality plant based medication in the world was, for me, a dream come true. For years I also craved to find a company that had cleaning & household products that I could trust & use with confidence to help reduce toxins and harsh chemicals from my home. I lucked out when I was introduced to Doterra by a family friend. This was a company that provided solutions to BOTH of those needs. Most people realise that long term use of pharmaceutical medication isn't ideal, yet they do not know that there are effective alternatives out there (YES, DOTERRA PROVIDES THIS). However when it comes to toxins and harsh chemicals, people are less aware of the health risks that they are potentially bringing into their home each time they purchase a can of air freshener, scented candles or kitchen sanitizing products - those are so harsh on your respiratory system, and you only have to read the labels to see that those products can't be healthy to be using around your kids or pets. (YES, DOTERRA PROVIDES TOXIC FREE CLEANING SOLUTIONS). Here's what Doterra has done for me - my wellness has greatly improved in 3 years because I have learnt which essential oils I need to apply at the very first sign of something going on - whether it is a tickle in the throat, tiredness, or a pounding head. I no longer have tension pain that is triggered by synthetic scented products, or cracked & reddened hands from cleaning with harsh chemicals. It's time for you to start enjoying a better life too. Let me help you get started. The first step is easy. All you have to do is select a starter kit that is perfect for your budget (there are low priced, medium priced, and higher priced kits). Then contact me to help you place your order. By next week, you could be using much better, healthier products in your home - how amazing would that be? (N.B. If you do not see a kit that meets all of your current needs, then I can help you create a customised kit just right for you).

Kits shown are for USA only. If you live in Canada, Europe, UK or any other country, please contact me and I will send you details of kits for your specific country).


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