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Let's Talk About Grades of Essential Oils

Oils are NOT all the same. There are different grades, so let's look at each one.

1) Synthetic oils which is the largest group found in today's market. These man-made oils have zero therapeutic benefits, and are created solely to make your home smell pleasant. They are found in the form of scented oils, candles, wax melts etc. My advice is to avoid these altogether, as breathing in synthetically scented products is not healthy.

2) Cooking oils - Edible oils that are used to flavour foods, cake frostings etc - lemon oil, orange oil, vanilla oil etc.

3) Therapeutic Grade Oils - Essential oils designed for therapeutic benefits. However the industry is not regulated, which poses a problem in terms of consistency of the quality out there in the marketplace. 75% of oils are found to be adulterated in some way - containing cheap filler oils, synthetics, or herbicides and pesticides. A tiny percentage of companies actually do any testing at all for purity and potency of their products as testing is hugely expensive, so unless they are a company who actually allows you to see their test reports, you can never truly tell what is in them.

4) Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils - A term Doterra uses to distinguish their commitment to you, the consumer, to produce the highest quality essential oils in the world in terms of purity and potency. Oils are subject to 11 different testing methods, which occurs at least 3 times from distillation to selling. This ensures the oils meet a consistent chemical profile that makes them therapeutic grade, and to ensure they are 100% pure, and that there is no contamination that occurs during processing. Test reports for every batch of Doterra oils are now available for the consumer to see via their website


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