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How to Make Your Own DIY Cleaning Wipes

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

What kitchen wipes do you currently use?

I will always remember an incident one time back in the day when I was still using a popular brand of kitchen wipes when I was leaving for a business trip to go across the border. Before leaving for the airport, I quickly gave my kitchen countertops a last minute wipedown, discarded the wipe into the bin and off I went to the airport.

I got to the airport, and then it was time for me to go through customs. It was a small airport - so was usually a breeze getting through customs, however NOT this time.

The customs officers did the usual baggage scan, and this time they wanted to do a scan of my hands. No big deal, it was so quiet I figured they were just bored. So I was horrified when I was told there was a "substance on my hands that needed further investigation". They redid the hand scan, went thoroughly through my hand luggage, laptop etc, and questioned me about what I did for work. More questions followed and I actually felt guilty, scrambling in my brain and questioning "what the hell could I have come into contact with".

Eventually it dawned on me that what was showing up on their scan was likely the bleach and chemicals in that wipe. Yeesh. They agreed and were satisfied with that answer and let me go on my way. However it did leave me annoyed that the nasty stuff on these wipes caused me so much hassle.

So these days I am thrilled to have perfected making my own DIY wipes using just regular paper towels, bleach-free, chemical free solutions and the omni-wipe container. It was trial and error a few times, but I have finally NAILED the perfect technique.... so here you go!



Required Items:-

1 Roll Paper Towels

Large Knife (non serrated edge)

Container (I like the Omni-Wipe container)

1+1/2 cup Warm Water (if you are using a narrower container, use 1 cup of water)

1 Tablespoon Doterra Cleaner Concentrate (Buy here)

10 drops Doterra Lemon Essential Oil (Buy here)

1) Cut the Paper Towel roll in half using a non-serrated knife to give a clean cut. (Using a serrated edge knife will "shred" the paper towel).

2) Remove the cardboard insert from inside the roll.

3) Add one and half cups of warm water to the container, plus 10 drops of Doterra Lemon Essential Oil (Buy lemon essential oil here).

4) Add one tablespoon of Doterra's OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate to the container. (Buy OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate here).

Lightly stir the solution.

5) Pull out a little tuft of paper towel from one end, and place into the container.

6) Close the lid and let sit for 10 minutes to soak up solution.

7) Let the container sit for another 10 minutes upside down.

8) Your cleaning wipes are now ready to be used. Just pull out the paper towels with ease.

Note: Should the paper towels break apart, it means you have used too much water. Decrease the amount next time by half a cup.



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