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8 Fabulous Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

When you think of Aromatherapy, one of the first essential oils that comes to the forefront of your mind is likely Lavender. We grew up with it. We all had that one aunt who had scented lavender soap bars, lavender water or lavender lotion that she purchased from a very expensive boutique, and it was a treat when you snatched a chance to apply some.

Lavender has many more benefits than just a pleasant floral aroma. You may be aware of its powerful relaxing properties, and it is a must-have oil for all who have trouble getting a restful night's sleep. But did you know about these other more unusual uses for lavender?

1) Ouch - Hot, Hot, Hot

Next time someone touches a hot appliance, dab lavender oil to soothe and cool redness and puffiness.

2) Homemade Aftershave

Make a salve with lavender to soften skin and reduce red bumps after shaving.

3) Aromatic Room Spray / Body Spray / Pet Bed Spray /

Linen Spray / Bathroom Spray / Mattress Spray

Replace your store bought sprays to mask odours, and make your own versatile spray to spritz and freshen up multiple areas throughout your home (see recipe below).

In an 8oz spray bottle, add 20 drops of lavender and fill the rest with water. Shake well before use.

4) Cooling Spritzer

Use a Lavender and Peppermint spritzer to cool you down on a hot day, and after being out in the sun (see recipe below).

In an 8oz spray bottle, add 10 drops of Lavender + 10 drops of Peppermint. Fill with water and shake well before use. For added coolness, store in the refrigerator.

5) Mask Vinegar Odours

When making you own cleaning products that call for vinegar, add 4-5 drops of Lavender to lessen the acrid aroma.

6) Experiment with Flavours

Love to cook or bake? Think outside of the box when flavouring your desserts, cookies, marinades and drinks by adding lavender. It works AMAZING with chocolate desserts - try it, you will be surprised at how good it really is. (Top Tip: When first adding essential oils to your dishes, build the flavour up slowly by putting one drop of essential oil on a small plate, and then use a toothpick to dip into that drop and then into your dish).

7) Oatmeal Scrub

Fill a small jar (baby food size) with oatmeal and add 5-8 drops of Lavender essential oil. When it's time to wash your face, take a small pinch and add water - it makes an amazing natural facial scrub.

8) Clear Your Mind

Diffuse Lavender essential oil, or apply a drop to the back of your neck to help with mental clarity, and to lessen the effects of stress and anxious feelings.

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